Thursday, May 7, 2009

Purely Decadent Coconut Milk Products!

These Coconut milk products are fantastic! The Coconut milk yogurt is so delicious. I love the Vanilla and the Blueberry is a very close second. I don't really care for the Strawberry Banana, but try it for yourself!
The Coconut milk Ice cream!!! oh my goodness! This is mostly organic, made with agave. The Mint Chip is my personal favorite. Though the Chocolate is fantastic as well. I haven't tried the Cookie Dough, mainly because it has real sugar in it. There are several other flavors that haven't made it to my grocery store. (I know! I was totally shocked to find these at both of my local publixes!!)
The down of the ice cream is it runs for about ($4.99-$5.29) but I think that's not too bad. I don't typically eat the whole pint. I like having it in the freezer and eating it throughout several days.

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